A Wholesome Wall

The many bricks of a whole wall. We place too much emphasis on sexual immorality. Sexual immorality is wrong and sinful without a doubt. But being a contentious believer is also sinful. We definitely need to have a more holistic approach in our ways of guarding against sin... "For I am afraid that when I … Continue reading A Wholesome Wall


The True Gospel

The Gospel and Community are part of the very core identity of every single Christian human being on planet earth. There is no excuse. "Let us flee from the alienating ideas that propose a kind of Christian enclosure, suggesting that we observe the deterioration of humanity without any reaction, but withdrawal, losing the privilege of weeping … Continue reading The True Gospel


At every corner of every instant of everyday life, there is high potential to fall into the trap of believing that anything besides God can fulfil our needs, especially when we are vulnerable. We live in a generation of obsessive and compulsive patterns of behaviour and these patterns usually come from lack of wholeness. When we … Continue reading Idols