Here in this place of friendship there is no thought of trying to fulfil any personal relational need. There is no room for "needy". There is no counting of gains or losses, because the prize lies in the friendship itself. Here in this place of friendship there is only room for simply being. Being ourselves. … Continue reading Friendship


Private Work

"This plant is dead", I said. And continued, "I have been watering it for weeks and weeks, but it continues to be dry and nothing is changing. It is dead, so from now on I will tend to the others only." The dryness of Winter caused this particular ¬†giant plant to shed all of its … Continue reading Private Work


Lemonade. I'm not referring to the juice, but to extremely talented Beyonce's visual album. Placing swear words and nudity aside, the real subject of the visual album in itself is a striking one: Betrayal. I'm not going to get into too much detail in regards to what kind of betrayal it might be or from … Continue reading Lemonade


The morning was cold on that Sunday. Although the territory and those individuals were completely unknown, the impression was that perhaps some comfort would be found in common ground, because all of those individuals seemed to have the same beliefs. This thought was quickly kicked to the outside of the back door once these individuals, … Continue reading Things

Who am I?

When the circumstances of your life as a womam crumble in pieces, who are you? When that marriage or those children don't happen, who are you? When the marriage isn't actually going that well, who are you? When you don't have a career, who are you? When "being a mother" isn't really that great and … Continue reading Who am I?